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Adorarmi was founded in 2013. The company name originates from the Italian word “adoro”, which means “adore me”. It also reflects our chief fashion designer Shu’s philosophy: the pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship. The owl in our minimalist brand logo symbolizes wisdom, vigilance and mystery.

How did it all begin?

When they were in university, Shu and Nancy were once invited to a friend’s baby’s birthday party. While they were choosing a present for the baby, they found that some baby clothes available on the market are affordable but not very comfortable and fashionable, while the more comfortable and fashionable items are pricey. So they decided to create a baby fashion brand that balances style, comfort and affordability. At the time, they both believed that fashion is not only for parents. Now their babies can also have their own unique fashion style. It was this belief of Shu and Nancy’s that gave birth to Adorarmi.

Adorarmi advocates fashion, comfort, security and fun as the core of the brand. Through the designer collection, classic collection and basic collectoin give children a full life style.

Designer Collection

Style luxurious and fashionable design is the main design.
For the good things and the pursuit of life, designer collection must be the collection you don't want to miss. It includes luxurious chic style, noble fashion design and the finest raw materials, definitely makes you feel excellent quality and reasonable price. In such a unique and gorgeous costume, whenever your little angel appears on any occasions, it is going to be a brighten star.

Classic Collection

Style is based on classic and elegant design.
Comfort and luxury- This collection of garments are made from high quality cotton, natural and harmless material. It's comfortable and stylish. Don't be fooled by elaborate shirt and eye-catching bow tie, it can make the baby feels unfettered exploration when they are wearing the clothes. That's what they needed the most.

Basic Collection

The style with comfortable natural skin wear gives priority to protect baby's skin.
We believe that you may find all the dreamy expectation and baby outfits (underwear, jumpsuit , pajamas) in Adorarmi, it's easy to get your favour. All clothes are 100% Made of advanced pure cotton, ensure the baby feels comfort and happy all day long.



Shu Lam

Grew up in Vancouver, graduated from the top design college of Parsons in New York. The chief designer in Vancouver Winter Olympics performance apparel in 2010: Created individual brand of “Shu Lam” and high-end brand “Adorarmi “ in infant and children’s clothing in 2013.

Nancy Jia

Learning and educated in Central Saint Martins College in London and French ESMOD International Fashion School of Design: The “Outstanding Young Designer “in 2011: Greated her own clothing brand of “Love Aurora Donna “and London brand “”YANAN JIA “in 2012: Won the design awards of Harbin International Fashion weeks in 2013.