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In order to prevent disputes, customers are recommended to check the good(s) upon receipt. If there are any quality issues, please report to us by email and provide the followings: photo of the good(s) and it’s label, order number and product code.

Customers are required to take the photos showing the defects or other product problem(s) for our preliminary verification. After quality department conducted the further examination, we will inform customer in written to return the defeated item(s) to the designated address within 48 hours. We will not be able to process your refund / exchange if the returned item(s) are NOT in original package with the paper tag (or label). Once we confirmed it meets the Return Policy, we will inform you within 2 business days.

Refund/exchange will NOT be accepted in the case of late report or return the good(s) without original package (including the paper tag/label).

Refund / Exchange are accepted for the following cases:

  1. Good(s) with damages
  2. Items are different from the photos shown in the website (with reasonable explanation)
  3. Size is difference (e.g. received size M while you ordered size S)
  4. A size tolerance exceed 4cm
  5. Wrong item(s) distribution
    ADORARMI will be paying for the return shipping fee when refund / exchanged is accepted.
    (Hong Kong & Macau-The maximum shipping fee paid by ADORARMI should not exceed HKD$50)
    (Asia Pacific-The maximum shipping fee paid by ADORARMI should not exceed USD$35)
    (USA & Canada-The maximum shipping fee paid by ADORARMI should not exceed USD$50/CAD$65)

ADORARMI will be paying for the return shipping fee when refund / exchanged is accepted.
(The maximum shipping fee paid by ADORARMI should not exceed HKD$50)

All exchange requests are subject to availability. If the item(s) you have requested in exchange for your return are no longer available at the time of processing, a refund will be issued for the returned items. Only same model and color as the original ordered will be provided for exchange cases.

Refund / Exchange are NOT accepted for the following cases:

  1. Stock matching period is too long
  2. Request refund for the rest of items, of the order which contained item(s) are out of stock
  3. Delivery delayed due to courier’s issue
  4. Item(s) without brand tag or label
  5. Reason of “Items’ color, model and size cannot be amended of paid order”
  6. Washed item(s)
  7. Refund/exchange is claimed after 48 hours upon goods are received
  8. Subjective reason(s): minor stains; un-sewed thread; tiny pieces shed in leather products; materials used is different from expectation; unsatisfied with the appearance once wearing
  9. Color Discrepancy: Products’ color might be slightly different when viewing by various monitors. Individual perception of color and the lighting during photographing will also affect the products displayed in the pictures. Kindly refer to the actual product for the color definition
  10. Size tolerance is no more than 4cm: Due to the various materials and the methods of measurement, there may be a slight discrepancy on the size.
  11. Good(s) are damaged intentionally
  12. After the examination on the item(s), the reported problem(s)/defects has NOT be found or it does not included in our Return Policy
  13. Cotton goods is deformed after fitting and caused the size does not tally with the products’ measurement stated in our website
  14. Item(s) are failed to return to us within 48 hours after exchange request is approved
  15. For denim or dyed cloth, color is darker than pictures or color fading
  16. Request our staff to collect the returned item(s) personally from a specific address
  17. Custom products (namely, manufacturing goodsor handmade goods) are not accepted for exchange in view of size, color deviation or minor quality problem
  18. Pilling or neps appeared because of friction for sweaters
  19. Inappropriate ways of washing led to deforming, shrinking, tiny decorations dropped or pilling issues

Arrangement for unaccepted return product(s)

ADORARMI has the right to return the item(s) to customers, who are required to pay for the collection and delivery fee. (Return the item(s) to our Store; payment made upon parcel received; customer to arrange courier collecting item(s) from ADORARMI are NOT accepted).

If customers refused to pay for the return shipping fee without a reasonable request, ADORARMI reserves the right to deduct the shop credit/cash fun from their member accounts. If there is no enough balance in member accounts, the item(s) will not be returned to customers and their memberships will be cancelled.